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Making fun of Super Girl's outfit isn't smart especially when she's got her Super Girl SCISSORS around your neck!

Video Description
Young 18 year old blonde hottie Scarlet Vice debuts on ScissorVixens and proves that her looooong LETHAL LEGS are capable of doing some serious damage!

She's a California girl who recently moved to Florida and her blonde hair, smooth skin and golden tan really shine while she's scissoring the life out of her victims!

She told us this isn't the first time she's scissored someone and has knocked guys out cold with her thighs!

And after testing out her squeeze off camera I can tell you her legs are DEADLY STRONG!

When we asked her how she developed such powerful legs she told us..."Well, 8 years of soccer and gymnastics have certainly paid off!".

But we're not so sure her victim in this video is as enthusiastic about her athletic developments since he's the one feeling the power of her Super Girl SCISSORS!

Scarlet Vice is all dressed up in a sinfully sexy Super Girl costume for the Halloween party they are scheduled to attend but her boyfriend decides he's not going to play along.  And not only isn't he going to play along, he foolishly decides to make fun of her "silly" Super Girl outfit.


Watch as the gorgeous teen shows him her super powers by nearly snapping his neck in half between her thighs in one brutal scissors after the other!

Just look at the AGONY on his face as she cranks up the pressure over and over again making him gasp for air and kick his feet around like a fish out of water.

And her reverse head scissors may be heaven to look at with an ass like hers but it's pure hell for him especially when she starts to flex her glutes taking the pressure to eye-bulging levels!

In the end she gives him several VICIOUS scissor chops right before locking up her ankles, straightening her legs and giving him a Super Girl KNOCKOUT!

So check out BEAUTIFUL but DEADLY teen Scarlet Vice debuting in 'Super Girl SCISSORS!'.


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 'Super Girl SCISSORS!' Members Area Preview Clip

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