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Who has time to study when there's far more entertaining things to do like playing video games and CRUSHING the Tutor!

Video Description

Long-legged blonde BEAUTY Scarlet Vice is back and is ready to teach her pushy tutor a painful lesson for insisting she spends more time studying then playing video games.

He tries to get her attention by shoving a book in her face and get her attention he does!

Watch as Scarlet tries to tease her much older tutor by pulling up her skirt and resting one thigh over his in an attempt to seduce him.  But when that fails Scarlet gives him another form of attention he will soon regret!

Scarlet slams her video game controller down, grabs the tutor by the head and tells him..."Well, I'll just SQUEEEEZE you until I get what I friggin' want!".

Scarlet's long, tanned, smooth legs are beautiful to look at but when she flexes those gymnastic and soccer trained thighs muscles around your head the only thing you're thinking is how such gorgeous legs can inflict so much PAIN!

She works the helpless tutor over in a series of head scissors on the couch, still wearing her sinfully short skirt which rides up to show off her flawless thighs, then takes it off to continue her scissor lesson on the floor!

At one point Scarlet seems to play a little game switching back and forth between one ankle lock to the next before finally locking them together and pouring on EYE-POPPING PRESSURE!

And how could anyone possibly complain about Scarlet's amazingly gorgeous ass in your face unless you're her tutor getting CRUSHED in her murderous reverse head scissors!

Scarlet's gymnastics skills are also on display as she does side splits on his neck, on both the floor and couch, before slamming her thighs shut around his neck like a bear trap!

In the end Scarlet's had enough of playing games with the tutor and asks him..."Ready for a KNOCK OUT!?", as she tightens up her grip in a front head scissors closing the final chapter on her lesson for the tutor in 'CRUSHING the Tutor'!


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 'CRUSHING the Tutor!' Members Area Preview Clip

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