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This male chauvinist doesn't think women have a place in politics so now it's time to show him his place between my THIGHS!

Video Description

Athletic hottie Reagan Lush likes to stay fit as evidenced by her flat 6-pack abs and long, lean thighs!

She loves running, riding her bike, dancing and anything else that keeps her body in motion and muscles in top shape!

So when we contacted her about shooting for ScissorVixens she thought it was a natural fit and "looks like a lot of fun!".

Powerful, independent women like Reagan also have a strong mind so dealing with chauvinistic, Neanderthal behavior from men, especially her boyfriend, isn't something she's going to accept!

So when he can't help but gloat and celebrate about 'his man' winning the election and how women have been put back in their place, the kitchen, Reagan show's him where a man's place should be!

Watch as Reagan Lush teaches him about respect for the opposite sex by showing him just how physically strong women can be!

"You didn't know I was this strong, did ya!?", she sarcastically ask knowing he's unable to speak while being strangled between her thighs!

For Reagan it's not just about teaching him a painful lesson but also getting some personal satisfaction by dominating her helpless man where all men should be dominated...between her POWERFUL THIGHS!

This is one lesson he won't soon forget and neither will any other man foolish enough to try to show Reagan her place which is always on top!

So check out GORGEOUS Reagan Lush in her debut ScissorVixen video titled 'A Man's Place Is Between My THIGHS!".


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 'A Man's Place Is Between My THIGHS!' Members Area Preview Clip

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