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Let me make this clear...the only one who's going to SUBMIT is this fool getting CRUSHED between my thighs!

Video Description
The first time we met Raquel Roper we knew this dark-haired beauty had a little bit of a domme side to her personality.  When joking around with her that "she's too cute and too nice to be dominant" she immediately replied..."Oh...don't tell me what I'm capable of...you have no idea!".

Well...her poor victim in this video soon found out after laughing at her 'SUBMIT' booty shorts and daring to try and make her submit to his demands.

Raquel's legs are deceivingly POWERFUL as our victim told us the next day..."Holy shit...I woke up this morning and could barely move my neck!".  He also told us that Raquel's inner thighs (adductor muscles...aka...the 'clampers') were really digging into his neck as he was struggling to survive!

But having lethal legs isn't the only thing Raquel has!

She's just as lethal with her tongue, lashing out at him in a back-breaking bodyscissor saying..."I love watching you squirm as I clasp my thighs around your body!".

And while nearly popping his head off in a insanely tight figure-4 she tells him..."Oh, I love seeing your face go purple!".

And purple it is for nearly the entire video as Raquel's thighs torture him in one excruciating scissors after the other making him ultimately SUBMIT to her throat scissors on the couch!

So check out RAVISHING Raquel Roper teaching her victim, and the rest of us, how to SUBMIT to her thighs!


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 'SUBMIT!' Members Area Preview Clip

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