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This pervert couldn't stop feeling my ass while dancing so now he gets to feel both my ass and thighs around his neck!

Video Description

LETHAL-LEGGED Nikki Jay returns to ScissorVixens and this time she's not playing around!

Nikki Jay is a real-life exotic dancer which explains why her legs are so strong and why this pervert is paying a painful price!

She told us that every once in a while a customer forgets the rules and can't seem to keep his hands to himself while she's shaking her perfect ass in his face.  Unfortunately for her, she's not allowed to retaliate leaving those duties up to the club bouncer.

But in the world of ScissorVixens those restrictions don't apply!

Watch what happens after Nikki lifts her skirt, shakes her body and then feels a slap on her ass!

"You wanna break the rules, huh!?",  she asks him right before nearly breaking his neck!

Nikki Jay has no problem sinking her thighs into her latest video pouring on head-popping pressure from every angle!

Neck scissors, throat scissors, reverse head scissors, figure-4's and body scissors! 

She BRUTALLY punishes him in them all, one excruciating scissors after the other!

In the end she threatens him by saying..."It's nighty-night time!" and nearly knocks him out cold in a torturous across-the-throat scissors!

So the next time you see a gorgeous, strong-thighed dancer like Nikki Jay warning you..."You can look, but don't touch!"...it's best to keep your hands to yourself or find yourself paying the price between her neck-breaking leg-vise like this fool!


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 'Break the Rules, I BREAK YOUR NECK!' Members Area Preview Clip

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