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This scrawny punk thought he owned the gym until I introduced him to my POWERFUL THIGHS and now I own him!

Video Description
Stunning red-haired beauty Nikki Jay debuts in her FIRST ever scissor video and not realizing the full power of her long legs has her FIRST real scissor KNOCKOUT right here on ScissorVixens!

She's a pole dancer so wrapping her legs around objects and clamping down with tremendous power isn't much of a challenge for her.

But she's new to scissoring men's necks so when she did knockout her first victim she was stunned and very concerned for his wellbeing. 

We assured her he was going to be ok and once she was assured she wasn't going to kill him, Nikki picked right up where she left off...SQUEEEZING the living daylights out of him!

Of course this guy deserved every moment of Nikki's BRUTAL thighs endlessly torturing him over and over again.

Nikki loves working out her thighs by using a large rubber exercise ball to pinch between her ankles in order to build up her inner thigh muscles which she needs to clamp on to things like a stripper pole.

But when a scrawny punk walks into the gym and kicks the ball out from between her feet, Nikki is more than happy to clamp her thighs around his neck instead of the ball!

"I'd rather squeeeeeze your neck between my thighs instead of that ball any day!", she tells him while clamping on an eye-popping head scissor!

Then while sitting on the bench Nikki really has him in deep right across the neck and as he's starting to slowly fade out (for REAL...he gets knocked out in this one!) she asks him..."What's a matter...can't take these thighs anymore!?".

Once Nikki wakes him up from his momentary sleep she warns him to tap-out next time if he can't take it and tap-out he does...over and over again!

This bully learns that Nikki Jay's thighs now own this gym!

So check out Nikki Jay in her debut scissor video titled 'Beating Up the Gym Bully!'.


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 'Beating Up the Gym Bully!' Members Area Preview Clip

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