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How do you like the feel of my 26-inch THIGHS CRUSHING your scrawny neck!?  Welcome to my SCISSOR Camp punk!

Video Description

The first video we did with Mirage was one of our ScissorVixens Savage Scissors videos which was an obvious choose given the mind-blowing size and POWER of Mirage's 26-inch QUADS OF DEATH!

But let?s face it...ANY video Mirage does is going to be SAVAGE and this is no exception!

Only a fool would make fun of Mirage's cute, pink shorts with the words 'Booty Camp' written on the bottom of them but that's exactly what this fool does while Mirage is pumping up her enormous thighs while working out!

"You making fun of my shorts because they say 'Booty Camp'!?"...well...this is SCISSOR Camp now!".

And from there on in it's nothing short of another SKULL CRUSHING scissor massacre as Mirage shows no mercy while SQUEEEEEZING her scrawny and over-matched victim into hyperventilating panic mode!

And it's not just Mirage's ridiculously huge and powerful quads that do the damage...it's also her rock-hard bowling-ball calves as she nearly snaps his neck in half in one of the most vicious and frightening calf-scissors we've ever seen!

Of course her reverse-head scissors send him into immediate scissor-shock as he gasps for air and taps-out over and over again!

So check out 'Mirage's SCISSOR Camp' scissors...you'll be blown away almost as much as her poor scissor camp victim!


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 'Mirage's SCISSOR Camp!' Members Area Preview Clip

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