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Maria Jade proved just how POWERFUL her thighs were in her first ScissorVixen video and now she's back to do it again!

Video Description

Former gymnast and dancer Maria Jade returns to ScissorVixens to once again put her BIG, POWERFUL THIGHS on display in one of our popular SAVAGE SCISSORS series videos!

While looking as SEXY as ever wearing an incredibly skimpy string thong Maria's HUGE thighs leave little to the imagination including very little else in Drew?s case!

I decided to step and take some devastating punishment between Maria's SAVAGE SCISSORS and trust me, this girl SQUEEEEZE with the best of them!

Yes, Maria Jade looks like a little powerhouse in person but her legs are even stronger than you may think at first glance!

Once you're locked in high and tight it's not long before you are seeing stars, screaming for mercy and inevitably tapping out!

She LOVES to toy with her victims.  Raising one leg up high in a 'thigh chop' motion and bringing it down slowly and repeating the same motion until finally deciding to lower the scissor-hammer on your neck!

And when it comes to insanely sexy pulsating reverse head scissors Maria Jade is second to none!  With each jolt of her glutes you feel as though a tooth is about to pop out!

At one point Maria Jade looks at the camera, smiles and assures our viewers..."I really am a nice person!", then proceeds to POUR ON THE PRESSURE, forcing Drew to scream for mercy and quickly tap out!

So, do you think you have what it takes to survive Maria Jade's SAVAGE SCISSORS!?


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 'Maria Jade's SAVAGE SCISSORS!' Members Area Preview Clip

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