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He says my vape makes it difficult for him to breath, but not as difficult as my thighs around his neck...Vape On THIS!

Video Description

Fiery but SEXY redhead Luna Lain is full of attitude and loves to dominate both verbally and physically!

She has years of dancing experience pointing out to us..."That's how I got my BIG THUNDER THIGHS...all my years as a dancer!".

When it comes to femdom she's as good as it gets and loves every second she has you under her command and control.

And with thighs like hers, controlling you isn't too difficult once she has them wrapped around your neck!

In her debut ScissorVixen video Luna Lain is tired of listening to her roommate whine and complain about the smell of her vape saying it makes it difficult for him to breath.

Watch what happens when he snatches the vape from her hands after she defiantly blows the smoke in his face.  He pisses her off and soon regrets making such a foolish move as Luna grabs him by the neck and wrestles him down to the floor, latching on an eye-popping head scissors!

"I knew you were always a little bitch!", she tells him while strangling him in a front head scissors!

And her thigh-chops and thigh-snaps are as vicious and brutal as any appearing to literally snap his neck in two!

Then while straddling his neck in a school girl pin she commands him..."Open your mouth!", and once he complies she blows a huge plume of vape in his face causing him to gag and cough for air!

In the end it's nappy time as Luna Lain straightens her powerful thighs across his neck and applies full pressure finally putting him to sleep.

And while laying unconscious on the floor Luna blows one more cloud of smoke in his face before strutting off with her vape in hand!

So check out SEXY Luna Lain in her debut ScissorVixen video titled 'Vape on THIS!'.


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 'Vape On THIS!' Members Area Preview Clip

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