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My cross-dressing boyfriend likes to wear my pantyhose so lets see how well they look when he wears them around his neck!

Video Description
LEGGY Lexi Luna loves to dominate and dominate she does with her long, lethal thighs!

She's a genuine life-style fetishist who loves to walk on the kinky side of life so for her there isn't a role in front of the camera she can't pull off.

Her dark hair and sultry eyes will pull you in close enough for her long legs to reach out snag you in their trap from which there is no escape!

Of course not many would want to escape her sexy legs!

Unless you're her cross-dressing boyfriend who likes to wear Lexi's pantyhose when she's gone.

When Lexi puts on her favorite pantyhose only to find them stretched out from her boyfriend wearing them she decides it's time to stretch out his neck between her thighs!

Lexi's legs are long and powerful and once she locks up her ankles it's 'leg prison' and time for him to learn a long, painful lesson!

Watch as he desperately paws at her thighs trying to escape but the more he struggles the tighter she squeezes until he's nearly lifeless from her relentless squeeeeeze!

In the end her thighs do him in as she stands over his motionless body and declares..."Victory is mine!".

So check out LEGGY Lexi Luna in her debut ScissorVixen video titled 'CRUSHING the Cross-Dresser!'.


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 'CRUSHING the Cross-Dresser!' Members Area Preview Clip

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