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This loser is trying to evict me because he can smell weed in his apartment so it's time for him to smell my sweet SCISSORS!

Video Description

Gorgeous, athletic dancer Janira Wolfe returns to ScissorVixens and wraps her long, lean and LETHAL legs around Drew's neck for more eye-popping scissor action!

We decided to draw upon a recent real-life event that Janira had to deal with in which she had no problem finding motivation to SQUEEEEZE the living daylights out of Drew!

She told us how she was recently kicked out of her hotel room during a convention because they suspected she was smoking marijuana in her room.  No one actually caught her smoking but came to that conclusion based upon the smell of weed in her room.  She was absolutely outraged when they only gave her one hour to pack up and leave the hotel.

So we shot with her the next day and while the outrage and anger was still fresh in her mind she was more than enthusiastic about taking out the frustrations of the day before on Drew's neck and body!

Nothing like giving a lethal-legged ScissorVixen more reason to pour on the pressure!

Janira's landlord comes over to fix her dishwashing machine and then accuses her of once again, smoking weed in the apartment.  He's warned her 3 times before and now demands she pack her stuff and leave the premises within the next 24 hrs.!

But Janira has other plans and is ready to pack him up in one brutal leg scissors after the other!

Janira's legs are absolutely gorgeous built by years of athletics and dancing and when she pours on the pressure the muscles in her thighs really show as does the veins in poor Drew's forehead! 

Just look at how red his face gets when Janira clamps down!

"Look at those glutes tightening around your neck!" Janira tells him while nearly turning his lights out in a reverse head scissors!

Janira's definitely LOVES scissoring as she actually contacted us a few days after the shoot texting..."Thank you so much for introducing me to the world of SCISSORS...definitely one of my favorite things to do now!".

So check out incredibly HOTTTTT Janira Wolfe destroying her landlord in 'The Sweet Smell of Scissors!'.


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 'The Sweet Smell of SCISSORS!' Members Area Preview Clip

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