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He doesn't like all my pillows taking space on the bed but that won't be a problem once I flatten his head between my thighs!

Video Description

Leggy Pro Domme and HOTTTT MILF Arena Rome loves to scissor and it shows in her debut ScissorVixen video!

When we contacted her about shooting for us her response was very encouraging..."Oh yeah...I LOVE any kind of scissoring!".

With looooong, lean legs like hers I'm sure ScissorVixen fans will see why, and so will any victim she wraps her thighs around.

When watching Arena Rome SQUEEEEZE the daylights out of her victims it's pretty obvious she gets off on watching and listening to you struggle to breath knowing it's only a matter of seconds before you have to tap-out or pass-out!

When she knows you're in a world of agony while she pours on the PRESSURE she often closes her eyes, smiles and says..."Ohhhh yeah!".

And that's exactly what she does to her man after he tosses a bunch of her decorative pillows off of their bed complaining there isn't enough room.

So Arena has an idea...SQUEEEEEZE his fat head flat between her powerful thighs and there will be plenty of room for her pillows.

"Now this is my idea of pillow talk!" she tells him while applying an eye-bulging front head scissors off of the edge of the bed.

Then watch as she nearly breaks a few of his ribs in her CRUSHING body scissors while slowly pouring on the pressure!

But it's her 'across the throat' side neck scissors that has him real trouble as she latches on and doesn't let up until he's nearly unconscious!

In the end it's nappy-time for him as Arena drags his limp and nearly lifeless body to the edge of the bed and clamps on a standing front neck scissors shortly followed by a standing reverse that silences him for good!

So for all of you SCISSORING-MILF lovers you don't want to miss Arena Rome in her debut ScissorVixen video titled 'Pillow Talk PRESSURE!'.


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 'Pillow Talk PRESSURE!' Members Area Preview Clip

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