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He's upset because I took his last Camel Crush cigarette but luckily for him I have one more CRUSH he can smoke!

Video Description

GORGEOUS dark-haired fitness babe Angelina Elise is a stunning combination of beauty and power! 

And if that weren't enough, combine her striking physical attributes with her sexy British accent and you get one SCISSOR-LICIOUS package!

She started out as a thin glamour model but eventually fell in love with the feel of  weights in her hands and now spends plenty of time in the gym forging her incredible hard-body physique.

She's got SEXY MUSCULAR CURVES from head to toe with rock-hard abs in between and of course SKULL-CRUSHING THIGHS!

And although her shoot for ScissorVixens is her very first scissor video, this athletic hottie had no problem getting a grip (literally!) on her new role!

Watch what she does to her boyfriend who complains about her taking his last Camel Crush cigarette.

"You took my last Crush!", he complains but Angelina has one more CRUSH left and she's more than happy to give it to him!

"Here's your last CRUSH!", she tells him while wrapping her gorgeous and muscular quads around his neck nearly popping his head off in the process!

She pulls his head deep into her upper-thighs, clamps down and watches his eyes bulge out of his head while telling him..."What's-a-matter...you can't speak anymore!?".

And her reverse head scissors are amazing to watch with her muscular glutes and thighs producing BREATHTAKING PRESSURE!

In the end she plucks the cigarette off of the floor and while keeping him immobilized in a paralyzing neck-scissor forces it in his mouth saying..."Here's my last BIG CRUSH!", sending him off to la-la-land! 

So check out UK-based fitness hottie, Angelina Elise, in her debut ScissorVixen video titled "Here's Your Last CRUSH!".


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 'Here's Your Last CRUSH!' Members Area Preview Clip

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